Our products are infused with poetry, to emphasize the beauty of your love story. When customizing your stationery, you may choose to keep the poem we have written for this collection, or you may choose to have a custom poem written based on your story.


PLEASE NOTE: All semi-custom products come with our signature poetry as a design element. If you wish to order stationery without poetry, inquire about placing a custom order.


Colline Toscane is an Italian phrase meaning Tuscan Hills. Painted by designer, Jacklyn Zoppi, this collection features an abstract view of the Tuscan Hills and the vibrant colors among them. It comes from her vivid memory of the view of sunny Florence as she looked down upon it from a rooftop. The world was full of color and wonder, and it brought life into her soul. This collection is complete with Italian inspired serif fonts and a deckled edge topped with rose gold foil.


This Exclusive Wedding Collection is only customizable by information, not design or color, as it is meant to represent the beautiful landscape of Tuscany. It is perfect for any Italian inspired wedding, or destination wedding in Italy.

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