Exclusive Wedding Collections

We believe the secret to living a well balanced and fulfilled life is through travel. Inspired by our own travels, these exclusive designs were hand painted based on some of our favorite destinations. Each collection evokes a moment in time when we stopped to take a breath and soak in life’s beauty in a foreign place. 

These pieces are handcrafted and embellished with love, to remind us of the romance that was brought to life in these very moments. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, or you and your lover shared special moments in these locations, we hope to bring you the same feelings of warmth and love.

PLEASE NOTE: our Exclusive Wedding Collections are only customizable by information, not design or color, as they are meant to represent specific locations. Our current collections are perfect for romantic weddings in England and Tuscany.


The Victoria Avenue Collection is inspired by the foggy skies and romantic atmosphere of London. Painted by designer, Jacklyn Zoppi, this collection features an abstract view of the foggy blue-grey sky. As she was painting, she felt the magic of that fog again, and the beauty of the Victorian buildings that surrounded her. It is complete with elegant calligraphy fonts, pieces of vellum attached to the stationery and options to add silk ribbon and wax seals for a luxurious Victorian feel.


Colline Toscane is an Italian phrase meaning Tuscan Hills. Painted by designer, Jacklyn Zoppi, this collection features an abstract view of the Tuscan Hills and the vibrant colors among them. It comes from her vivid memory of the view of sunny Florence as she looked down upon it from a rooftop. The world was full of color and wonder, and it brought life into her soul. This collection is complete with Italian inspired serif fonts and a deckled edge topped with rose gold foil.

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