Poetry Therapy

Hang out with me for a casual and collaborative video chat, and lay it on me! Tell me how you've been feeling, and let's figure out what we can do to provide inspiration and comfort. Then, I'll turn it into a poem!


In light of recent events and sudden life changes due to the pandemic, I am offering a fun and therapeutic new service! Join me for a casual and collaborative video chat (or phone, email/text convo if video chat isn't your jam), as we discuss your thoughts, feelings and experiences during these trying times.


I'll work with you to come up with a positive solution to keep you motivated and in high spirits daily. Once I have analyzed our discussion, I will write a custom poem for you to look at each day, and remind yourself to stay positive!

How  it  works


We can use FaceTime or Zoom for a video chat. If you prefer not to video chat, we can communicate via phone, email or text, or you can fill out the Poetry Therapy Questionnaire for quick results.


Together we will have a creative brainstorm based on my notes, creating some word lists for the poem. I like to write a list of negative feelings, and a list of positive words, actions and affirmations.


I'll ask a few questions to get the conversation going and gauge how you've been feeling. This is a very casual back and forth conversation, so no pressure! I have feelings too and will likely join in with my thoughts and feelings.


Before our final goodbye, I will give you the theme of your poem. After our session, I will use our word lists to write a custom poem just for you!


At the end of our session, I will read over my notes so we can analyze your thoughts and positive actions that will make you feel better.


Once I write your poem, I can turn it into a phone wallpaper, instagram post, or a poetry print.


We can have a casual and brief discussion via phone, text or email if you'd prefer this method instead. Visit my contact page, or DM me on instagram for more info. For a more prompt and contactless service, fill out the questionnaire below. I will analyze your answers and deliver a custom poem to your inbox within 12-24 hours!


All sessions are currently donation based, as I understand that we are all going through trying times. If at the end of our session you feel that this was helpful, any donations are kindly accepted. If you would like your poem turned into a graphic or a print, pricing is as follows.

  • $15 for digital graphics (includes phone wallpaper + instagram square size)

  • $25 for a 5x7 poetry print + digital graphics from above

  • $40 for an 8x10 poetry print + digital graphics from above


“I finally got the chance to meet with Jacklyn over FaceTime last night for a poetry session! Jacklyn, you are the sweetest. It felt like I'd known you forever. Ladies and gents, go do yourself a favor and book a therapeutic session with her.” 

—  Paige W.


Whether you choose to have a video session, text or email chat, or you simply fill out the questionnaire, I promise the results will exceed your expectations. I don't need much to get inspired and create a poem. Contact me with any questions, or your availability for booking. I can't wait to get to know you, and provide a ray of light even on your darkest of days!

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