Wedding Invitation Etiquette - Why You Shouldn't Go Digital

When planning your wedding or elopement, the main thing you have in mind is your budget, right? You want to make your dream wedding happen while sticking to that budget, and at times you might have to stop for a moment and figure out where to cut costs. Many people immediately think about cutting down on stationery, or cutting it out completely. In today's digital world, there are many ways to send a digital invitation. On top of that, you can set up a website with your venue and accommodations info and collect your RSVP's right on there. But before you completely rule out stationery, here are some things to think about...coming right from a stationer's heart!

Sticking with (some) traditions

The wedding industry is changing, as younger generations are getting married on their own terms and shaking things up. Who says we have to get married in a white gown, with hundreds of people watching? Who says we need a massive reception to follow with a fancy four course meal, cake cutting and bouquet tossing? You can literally celebrate your love in any way you choose, and I love to see this shift in the industry. You can elope on a mountaintop, in the desert or in a hot air balloon. You can head to city hall and celebrate at your favorite bar afterwards. You can head to Greece and have the most epic view in Santorini. Whatever you do, make sure you are celebrating your love on YOUR own terms.

Whether you stick to all of the traditions because you've always dreamed of the fairytale wedding, or you elope in the mountains, it's important to stick to one tradition: STATIONERY. Why? Because this is a tradition that celebrates human connection and respect. When you send a beautiful formal invite or elopement announcement to your loved ones and friends, they will appreciate this sentiment so much more than receiving a digital invite. In my opinion, it is proper etiquette to send formal stationery. It shows respect and reminds them how important they are to you. Without that physical invitation or announcement to hold in their hands, they feel disconnected from you, even if subconsciously.

Getting personal

When you send a beautiful set of stationery that directly reflects your love story, it is so much more personal than sending a digital invitation. It feels much more intimate when you can touch the paper, feel the textures, and really see how someone creatively expressed their love. Your guests will feel special that they have been personally invited to your wedding and your unique stationery will immediately put a smile on their face. They will take a moment to soak it all in and really read the invitation as they hold it in their hands. I don't know about you, but if I'm reading anything digital, I quickly scan it and move on. Something about the digital world causes us to lose the attention span to really take in the beauty of something. Give them this intimate moment to soak in the beauty of what's to come!

A friendly reminder

When you send an invitation, most people put it right on their fridge or bulletin board, so they won't forget the details. (I know I do) When you send a digital invitation, you're pretty much giving it free rein to get lost in the digital abyss. Sure, your guests might open it right away...while they're on the go, or grocery shopping, or bored at work. What do they do once they open it, star it? And then it gets lost in the sea of other starred emails they *meant* to pay attention to. (Guilty!) You don't want this to happen with your wedding invitations. You want everyone to hang that beauty up and not only admire it, but remind themselves to RSVP or book their accommodations! Trust me, it will be less stressful for you when you don't have to nag so many people to pay attention to that email you sent. Plus, you're guaranteed to put a smile on their face each time they walk by it. Let them think about your wedding every day and get excited to celebrate with you!

So, now that I've successfully convinced you to keep stationery in your budget, let's go over some other concerns you may have. A great thing about choosing an independent stationery designer is that we are ALWAYS willing to problem solve with you, and figure out the best solutions to adhere to your budget and your values.

What if I have a slightly smaller budget for stationery?

There are literally endless solutions to this...and none of them involve going to Minted. Stick with an independent stationery designer and we will do everything in our power to make your budget work. There are lots of ways I adjust my quotes based on your budget, and each case is different. If you do have a wedding website, sometimes I suggest a package without RSVP's since they can RSVP right on the website. Or perhaps half of your invitation suites contain RSVP's, for the folks who you know will absolutely not check your website. (Always keep these people in mind and do your best to stick to traditions if it serves them. In the end, it's less stressful than wrangling them for an RSVP answer, because they didn't check out your website.) Or sometimes I suggest an invitation and RSVP package without the details card if you have a website. Sometimes I simplify the add on's and instead focus on creating a beautiful digital design that doesn't need a fancy embellishment. You can also combine all of the information on one card! How is that possible? ...You just leave that up to me! Whatever your budget may be, I will never rule you out as a potential client. I will guide you in the right direction, listen to your story, and provide invitations that speak to you.

What if I'm trying to be eco-conscious?

I totally feel this. Although I love stationery with all of my heart, it's hard not to feel like it's hurting the environment. BUT there are many ways to create eco-friendly stationery without going digital. Two of my favorite papers are eco-friendly. One is a tree-free bamboo paper, and the other is a 100% cotton paper, made out of the leftover cotton from textiles. Both are thick and luxurious, and look like any other invitation paper. You can then provide a note in your suite informing them about the paper's properties and ask your guests to please recycle it after the wedding, or keep it as a momento. There are also endless amounts of seed papers and handmade papers out there. If you would like to learn more about my eco-friendly options, please feel free to reach out. If I don't have what you're looking for, I will source it. I am constantly focusing on ways I can become a more eco-friendly company, and hope to be 100% eco-friendly in the future.

If you have any other questions about stationery, get in touch! I offer free consultation calls and will happily answer any other questions you may have. Please join me in celebrating human connection and keeping this very special tradition alive.

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