An Auntie-core Trend?

An Auntie-core Trend?

Trends whose names end in “-core” are on everyone’s lips. Normcore, cottage-core, and kid core – trends follow one another, and sometimes we prefer to remain immune to them. But sometimes, we give in, especially when dealing with our first fashionable memories. This is the case with auntie-core.

What is auntie-core?

Auntiecore has its roots in the fashion of the 1950s and 1960s, when our grandmothers used to dress for every occasion – from Sunday mass to a night out. It is all about combining vintage pieces with modern accessories and creating an elegant classic look.

Auntie-core is a bold and fun trend that combines practicality with chic. It is a fancy pair of sandals, a large grocery bag, a long dress with bright patterns, large earrings, or a cloak worn with baggy linen trousers. Anyone who wears something simply because they like it, rather than trying to fit in with current trends or societal style conventions, can be considered an auntie-core aesthetic. Being an aunt is a spiritual aspiration, a way of life, and an atmosphere. It’s about choosing comfort and not sacrificing your confidence and freedom for approval. Self-expression is paramount here.

The trend is also closely linked to sustainability. It’s about wearing clothes made of natural materials, many of which were popular in the past. Cotton, linen, silk, and wool are all fabrics that have been around for centuries, and auntie-core enthusiasts often use them. Additionally, auntie-core fashion often includes repurposed garments, vintage finds, and second-hand pieces.

Auntie-core in fashion brand collections

The New York-based brand Commission creates clothing designs that very accurately capture the energy of Asian aunts. First, the brand’s designers honor their East Asian heritage by praising their mothers while learning about the history of their region. Then, at the intersection of practicality and comfort, they create a unique and intimate portrait imbued with the sensuality of an East Asian aunt.

Another great example of auntie-core is the latest collection from the London-based label Aunty Eva. The brand creates unique and timeless designs inspired by traditional silhouettes and fabrics. The collections are filled with lightweight Japanese kimonos, structured coats, and voluminous dresses that make you feel like a princess or an elegant auntie.

A catwalk is where people can see auntie-core in the work of London-based designer Priya Ahluwalia. Auntiecore is also seen in the work of other designers who find reference in their family history, photographs, and even in the clothes worn by their grandparents in past centuries. These designers use modern looks and environmentally friendly technologies.

Auntie-core is a unique and refreshing trend that combines the classic style of our grandmothers with modern pieces. It allows us to express ourselves without sacrificing comfort and confidence, and it allows us to be practical while still looking chic. Whether you wear vintage or modern pieces, auntie-core can help you stand out and make a statement. So go ahead and do your auntie-core wardrobe confidently, and be proud of it!